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College Recruiting DVDs

Don't just hope for a scholarship -  

Showcase your accomplishments

with professional DVDs mailed to multiple universities. $ 49.95
University coaches are inundated with video, emails, and letters from prospective athletes. They do not have time to view it all.
It is vital that your video catches his/her eye.
All credit cards are accepted - postage will be added
DVD Highlights: The "button" driven DVD program is the answer DVDs & Video
  Introduction - 30 seconds of fast paced video montage with audio  
  A Title Page with voice over begins the Intro and then a montage of highlight video clips with music or voice.  
  Main Menu  
  The Introduction ends at the Main Menu page. This page is the main "switchboard" allowing the coaches to move around and view any chapter they would like. As well as chapters for full routines, there will be specific chapters for Skills and New Skills. Your select skills on each event will be highlighted for the coach to see.  
  Chapter Buttons - General topics plus chapters specific to each sport  
  Bio-Goals-Accomplishments & Scores-Current Coaches & Training Program  
  Specific Skills Highlighted-New Skills-Full Routines.  
  5 DVDs are included - Printed with gymnast name & picture  

Extra DVDs

$ 14.95
  Order an extra 5 of the above Printed DVDs
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