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Video program for your lobby, website, or YouTube  

Wall monitors are the newest trend to sell your business. This is the most professional way to visually showcase your various activities.

$ 49.95
Instead of static pictures on the wall, you can put all your best pictures and video into a presentation for your visitors to see as they walk in your lobby or spectator area.
The first visit is critical - You want that parent and new student to leave knowing everything about your business.
  Your video and digital images will be blended together with your voice added along the program to narrate and explain each of your programs from preschool to competition. The still images will pan and zoom for a movie look. The program can be looped to repeat over and over.  

Kiosk - Interactive Programs

Programs can be menu driven to allow for the user to "click around" and browse different areas of your business just like a web site.
A touch-screen monitor or attached mouse would be needed.
Programs could be video and/or digital still pictures with voice over narration or graphic animation with voice over.
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Staff Training - Graphic Animation

Graphic Animation programs are also menu/button driven and use video and/or digital still pictures with voice over narration.
A greater detail can be achieved. Arrows pointing to specific areas, areas highlighted, more detailed explanations can be targeted during the training program.
Perfectly suited for staff training
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