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Spotting Tables & Removable Platforms

  Spotting Platforms
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For Uneven Bars & High Bar

Now you can spot almost everything


front and back giants, blinds, clear hips and all the release moves

and you can even spot single and double flyaways and all the flips between the bars

This "Triple" table shown has 6 different platform locations for spotting just about anything.
These Spot Tables & removable Spot Platforms offer the coach an extremely stable and padded platform in exactly the perfect location for spotting almost anything. Gymnasts become more confident and will learn faster.
You will no longer need to drag or carry spotting blocks all over the gym.
Spot Platforms can be easily added or removed in seconds. The arms of the Spot Platform just slide in and out of the matching sleeves on the Spot Table. The Tables bolt to the concrete, completely outside of the uneven bars, and the Spot Platform slide in and "cantilever" out into the working bar area with nothing under the Spotting Platform for the gymnast to "hit".
With the platforms removed, The bars become a "normal" set of bars during your workout. You do not have to give up space for equipment that is used for only 1 use like "channel" bars. Also, unlike channel bars, because you are using "regular" bars, the gymnasts will not have a problem moving their new tricks to a "regular" set of bars.
Each Table has high and low locations for the placement of Spot Platform. The Quad Table has 8 attachment locations. 4 are at the top (4 1/2 feet high) and 4 are lower (2 feet high). The Triple has 6 attachment locations. The "Double" and "Half & Half" each have 4 attachment locations.  The "Single" has 2 attachment locations.  Each Spot Platform location offers advantages for spotting different skills.
The Spot Tables come standard with 1 removable Platform and all the mounting hardware. The Tables and Platforms are painted with a gray primer coat. The top pads are a thick 1 1/4" foam covered with red vinyl.
These Tables are invaluable when used in conjunction with a "Pit" where traditional spotting blocks cannot be used.
The Spot Tables are best placed on "Pit Bars" or a set of bars that are not normally adjusted. The Tables will limit the inward adjustability of the bars. The Table can also be used from the other side for use on 2 sets of adjacent uneven bars.
All the spotting tables are shown on one side of the uneven bars, but every platform can be used on either side to allow the coach to spot on his/her preferred side. The ideal situation is to have a spotting platform mounted on both sides of your uneven bars.
Custom pit models & installation is available.  -  Call or email for prices
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