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Award your students the best incentive Custom floor plans for your new gym or remodel

Custom Floor Plans

A picture is worth a thousand words
and one great idea is worth the cost of the plans


Each Floorplan layout Set will contain the following 5 drawings:
  1-  A complete floor layout with all the apparatus, mats, pits, walkways, and offices.
  2-  A "Note Page" with ideas, suggestions, and alternatives for different areas.
  3-  The pit(s) page will have the exact dimensions to locate just the pit cutout.
  4-  The apparatus only will contain dimensions and will show the apparatus placement.
  5-  The matting only placement with dimensions will show all your mat sizes needed.
All walkways and neutral areas are shown. The entry way, offices, restrooms, and spectator area can also be shown.
Why have multiple Layouts
  - The big advantage to multiple layouts is that you will also see 2 or 3 different layout ideas for each event area. Many coaches end up choosing event ideas from different floor layouts and put them together into the "perfect" floor plan for their gym.
The following are some of the important points to consider:
  -  How many students can you train at one time?
  -  Beauty Vs Functionality!
  Extra Hours
-  How big should the Pits be, and where should I put them?
-  Pit Parameter is like Beach Front Property, don't waste an inch.
-  Plan a rotational flow pattern of walkways
-  How many bars & beams should I have?
-  Competitive equipment vs class equipment.
These and many other questions will be asked and answered before the complete "AutoCAD" drawing is begun.
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