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Award your students the best incentive Custom floor plans for your new gym or remodel

Custom Floor Plans

A picture is worth a thousand words
and one great idea is worth the cost of the plans
Custom drawings can be done for your gym.  These drawings are designed to help you plan your new gym or remodel your present gym.  The drawings will give you many alternative equipment arrangements that you may not have thought of as well as other new ideas. Your finished custom floor plan set of drawings will containof 5 pages/views for each different Floorplan layout.
Custom Floor Plans
  Extra Hours
1 Layout
2 Layouts
3 Layouts
$ 80.00
$ 120.00
$ 160.00

Extra Hours

After the plans arrive, it is common for coaches to want more work done. Sometimes they want parts from 1 layout combined with another part or event from another layout. This button allows for additional hours if needed.
Per Hour
$ 40.00
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