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Gym Scheduler

A Daily Schedule to 'Visually' Organize your Rotations
NO MORE CONFLICTS - Let the Gym Scheduler controll your Groups, Events, & Coaches
This very simple computer program will make your job much easier and avoid conflicts out on the floor.
$ 19.95
If you have a ton of kids or need a larger gym (or both), you need the "Gym Scheduler" to manage the rotations throughout the day. 
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Shows "Team" & "Class" rotations
  Shows the rotations of each Coach and Event
Times are shown on the left & right side
  You can see where every group is at any time
Each day you make any changes and print
  All Coaches have a Copy
Potential conflicts become apparent.
  Everyone will rotate on time
You can even use the schedule as the coaches' Time Card
Events that change from week to week can also be scheduled. Maybe one week a group will do tramp and then the next week they will do Tumble Trac.
Complete Documentation is included
The program is a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and will need the excel software program to run. Excel is included Microsoft's Office package. If you do not have Excel on your computer, you will need to install the "runtime" program which is included on the CD.
Sample Schedule
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