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Gym Organization

Ideas & Organization for your Gymnastic Academy
The Class Organization Booklet explains the concepts and details for scheduling and managing a Developmental Gymnastic Class & Team Program.
$ 19.95
100's of ideas are described that can be used to improve your own gymnastic program. The booklet includes many helpful concepts to make your gym mor organized and professional.
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The booklet also covers topics such as Schedule & Scheduling of classes, Event Structure, Time Blocks, Length of Classes, Teacher Training, Breaks for Teachers, Safety, Gym Policy, Dress Code, Time Cards, Double Teaming, Double Grouping, Team Teaching, Team & Classes Co-Existing, Equipment & Event Organization, Lesson Plans, Skill Books, Testing for Advancement, Finishing Classes, Rewards, Open Gym, Dance in Classes, Staff Meetings, New Coaches, Job Descriptions Staff Meetings and MORE
Advantages to this system are:
  -  The gymnasts will get to do every event each class.
  -  The gymnasts will have 2 or 3 different coaches each class.
  -  Coaches can be placed on their stronger teaching events.
  -  Weaker coaches can be placed on the easier events.
  - All classes can be assigned weak and strong coaches.
  - No class will have a weak coach throughout the whole class.
  - The class director has total control of the coaching strength in each class.
  -  Rotations are short enough so that coaches & gymnasts enjoy each rotation, even their least favorite rotations.
  -  Classes can be scheduled at any time during the evening.
  -  Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced classes can begin at any time.
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