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Visual Skill Books

Animated Skills for Students To Study and Visualize at Home
The Visual Skill Book is a visual and sound presentation for gymnastic students. The CD shows animation's of 66 of the common skills and progressions that your child will be learning in her gym classes. Your child will hear "Visualization"* tips as she views the animated skills. She can click the "Slow Motion" and "Super Slow" buttons to study the skills at slower speeds. By just clicking buttons, your child can "navigate" throughout the 22 skills on each of the first 3 of the Skill Levels of the Star Skill Program. In addition there are gymnastic information pages.
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Give your Child a Head Start.
The Visual Skill Book animations show the gymnastic skills with good form and amplitude. Your mental practice (mental rehearsal) is to "visualize” yourself doing the skills. The Verbal visualization cues presented will help your child begin to improve her visualization skills. 1st 3 Skill Levels includes 66 Skills
$ 19.95
The Visual Skill Books are not designed to teach the skills to your child, but to allow her to 'see' and 'visualize' the skills so she will have a 'head start' when she learns them in class.
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Sample Animations

The CDs contain the first 3 levels for girls, White, Red, & Blue.
Gymnastic skills should never be practiced at home, but only be practiced and learned in a professional gym under the supervision of professional teachers. Your teachers are qualified to recognize when your child is "ready" to progress to more advanced skills.
* Visualization is the ability to view yourself from the perspective of an external observer. See yourself "In The Mind's Eye". Your child will watch the skill and then she will try to imagine herself doing the skill. She will see herself doing the skill PERFECTELY (or as close as possible). You create or re-create an experience in your mind. It is like "Going to the movies" in your mind.
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