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Star Skill Program

A complete developmental skill program for your academy
Provides Organization, Curriculum, Progression, & Incentive
Easily tracks all your students and their skills and Advancement. For Girls & Boys and super easy to use.
Proven to Inspire, Motivate and RETAIN STUDENTS. YOU have total control over the program.
Provides Skill-Based Progression. Pre-loaded with 10 levels of skills.
Daily Star Roll Sheets printed for each class Skills can be Easily Changed.
Coaches can teach right from the roll sheet like a lesson plan Fantastic Incentive and Reward.
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Create excitement like you have never seen in your gym before.
Free Demo Version
The Demonstration Program is a multi-media presentation (like a slide show) that will take you through the major highlights of the Star Skill Program, using sound, graphic animation, and screen shots of the actual program.
The Demo can be played on your computer by clicking the button above or easily mailed to you at no charge.
To request a FREE Demo CD by mail, click the below button (be sure to include your mailing address):


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