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Star Skill Program

A complete developmental skill program for your academy
Provides Organization, Curriculum, Progression, & Incentive
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Easily tracks all your students and their skills and Advancement. For Girls & Boys and super easy to use.
Proven to Inspire, Motivate and RETAIN STUDENTS YOU have total control over the program.
Provides Skill-Based Progression. Pre-loaded with 10 levels of skills.
Daily Star Roll Sheets printed for each class Skills can be Easily Changed.
Coaches can teach right from the roll sheet like a lesson plan Fantastic Incentive and Reward.
Create excitement like you have never seen in your gym before.


The magic Begins

This is where the "magic begins . . . . with Incentive, Rewards and Recognition to the Students for their skill progression.
You won't believe the EXCITMENT created when you provide this incentive to the children. All of a sudden, they have a 'fire' inside. They start trying harder and setting goals. The parents are amazed as they see a 'maturity' in their children that they have not seen before. With every 'Star' the parents and children see improvement.
The Star Program also provides a means for gymnasts to advance from level to level, and enables our coaches to know the needs of each student.
There are 10 different levels. Each level has a different color belt (girls) or wristband (boys).  Some gyms use only the first 6 class levels.
Advanced 3
Intermediate 1
Team 1
3-Royal Blue
Intermediate 2
Team 2  
4-Navy Blue
Advanced 1
Team 3  
Advanced 2
Team 4  
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