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Star Skill Program

A complete developmental skill program for your academy
Provides Organization, Curriculum, Progression, & Incentive
Easily tracks all your students and their skills and Advancement. For Girls & Boys and super easy to use.
Proven to Inspire, Motivate and RETAIN STUDENTS. YOU have total control over the program.
Provides Skill-Based Progression. Pre-loaded with 10 levels of skills.
Daily Star Roll Sheets printed for each class Skills can be Easily Changed.
Coaches can teach right from the roll sheet like a lesson plan Fantastic Incentive and Reward.
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Create excitement like you have never seen in your gym before.
Choose your Version Unlimited   3 Month
Never Expires Test It for 3 Months
$ 199.00 $ 39.95



All credit cards are accepted - postage will be added - Be sure to email your logo & gym name as all programs are customized
Play Demo The demo will show you all the major features of the program. (You will be asked to download Adobe's Shockwave Player)

Coming Soon . . . . Version 7* The Magic Begins

  Tots Program Management - including Lesson Plan Building and Editing
    This module is in the design phase with a launch date early next year. This program will be ideal for your Tots director. He/she will have full control of lesson plan building. Along with sample lesson plans, there will be easy editing, modifying and printing.
  New Stars & Star Certificate    
    A new ‘Star Awarding’ system has been added to the program. This can be used to replace or in addition to the embroidered stars. The program will print a Personalized Certificate with the students name to be taken home for the student to ‘stick on’ their earned metallic paper stars. These stars are easily found in office, chinamart, or school supply stors in your area at a very nominal cost. This will allow you to award more stars and increase the incentive and excitement while keeping the costs down. Many gyms have eliminated the awarding of embroidered stars, due to the increased cost of the embroidered stars.
  Advancement Certificate    
    The program will easily print a Personalized Advancement Certificate with the students name each time he/she advances to a higher level. The Certificate is to be taken home for mounting on the wall.
  Safety Program    
    The program will easily record into history the date that each student has participated in your "Safety" program. This could be just listening to your safety warnings & rules or you could make a more extensive program of videos and safety skills. The importance is that you can print an individual student report that will document all the dates that the student has been warned and/or participated in your Safety Program.
  * The Star Skill Program is written in Access and will need Microsoft Access installed on your computer to run. Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Office Package. It is also individually customized and not copy protected and therefore cannot be returned for refund or credit.
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