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Star Skill Program

A complete developmental skill program for your academy
Provides Organization, Curriculum, Progression, & Incentive
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Easily tracks all your students and their skills and Advancement. For Girls & Boys and super easy to use.
Proven to Inspire, Motivate and RETAIN STUDENTS YOU have total control over the program.
Provides Skill-Based Progression. Pre-loaded with 10 levels of skills.
Daily Star Roll Sheets printed for each class Skills can be Easily Changed.
Coaches can teach right from the roll sheet like a lesson plan Fantastic Incentive and Reward.
Create excitement like you have never seen in your gym before.


Computer Program*

* The Star Skill Program is written in Access and will need Microsoft Access installed on your computer to run. Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Office Package. It is also individually customized and not copy protected and therefore cannot be returned for refund or credit.
The Computer Program simplifies all your record keeping.  The program runs on any new or old computer.  The program also comes with the complete information Booklet that explains how to run the computer program and explains how to implement the Star Program in your gym.  You can customize every part of the program to fit your needs.
The program is pre-loaded with girls and boys star skills. The Pre-school department is also pre-loaded. You can add 8 other sport disciplines, each with ten complete skill levels.
Complete sample Star Skills have been entered for every level.  You can customize the program by changing a few skills  or change them all.  These skills make up a complete progression system that gives you  total control of your class program.  When the USAG changes the compulsory routines - you can immediately change some of your Star Skills to allow the students to learn the correct skills at the correct time to progress into the USAG competitive program. Newly completed stars are easily entered by the secretary each morning.
Star Roll Printouts replace lesson plans.  These are printed each day.  There is 1 sheet printed for each class.
The coach that teaches (or begins)  that class will be given that Star Roll Sheet with their daily rotation schedule.    The Star Roll Sheet has each student listed that is enrolled in that class.  Make-up children are also printed for that day.  It shows all the completed skills for each child and blanks where the skills have not yet been completed.  On each class rotation, the coach will review the completed skills and attempt to teach the skills that have not been completed.  This becomes our only lesson plan.  The class director controls the instruction by selecting the "Star Skills" at each level and teaching the coaches the progressions for those skills.
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