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Award your students the best incentive Custom floor plans for your new gym or remodel

Star Skill Program

A complete developmental skill program for your academy
Provides Organization, Curriculum, Progression, & Incentive
Easily tracks all your students and their skills and Advancement. For Girls & Boys and super easy to use.
Proven to Inspire, Motivate and RETAIN STUDENTS. YOU have total control over the program.
Provides Skill-Based Progression. Pre-loaded with 10 levels of skills.
Daily Star Roll Sheets printed for each class Skills can be Easily Changed.
Coaches can teach right from the roll sheet like a lesson plan Fantastic Incentive and Reward.
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Stars & Belts

The Excitement and Magic Begins


The multi colored elastic belts are warn around the waists of the girls, with a different color for each skill level. They will provice a professional looking appearance for each of your groups. It is so professional to look out over the gym and see the different levels of students in their groups.

Wrist Bands

The boys wear wrist bands instead of belts.
Stars-Metallic 'Stick on' The newest program offers the use of inexpensive and easy to find paper stars that can be awarded for learning new Star Skills. This allows gyms to award more stars and increase the incentive and excitment at a much lower cost.
Stars-Embroidered The embroidered 'sew on' stars are designed to be sewn on the elastic belts. these can be used in addition to the paper stars or used alone.


The Star Program alone offers a great incentive, but stars & belts are the ultimate reward. Some gyms hand out stickers and stamp hands and some gyms do not reward anything.
When your gym starts handing out Stars and Belts, you will see "excitement" like never before. The word will spread around the community. Your gym will be known as the place to go for childrens' gymnastics. Parents & kids will begin walking in the door asking questions about your program.
If your program is not already awarding Stars, you need to give it a try. Your retention will dramatically increase and I have found that the percentage of sign-ups from trial lessons and free lesson coupons has increased to about 90%. When the trial kids see the other kids earning stars and they don’t receive any, they usually "force" their parents to enroll them.
Your skill program is not complete unless you award the real thing. Stars and Belts are the real incentive to any skill program.
The stars & Belts (girls), & Wristbands (boys) provide the Incentive and the Excitement. The girls wear elastic belts Belts and the boys wear wristbands. Embroidered "stars" are given to the children for every completed "Star Skill" that they learn. The belting is a 1" elastic material that comes in many bright colors. The Stars are high quality 3/4" embroidered. All colors are available.    Ordering information is supplied with your purchase.
Stars will be awarded after each class. The Stars, Belts, and Wrist Bands will be awarded at no cost to the gymnast, however gymnasts who lose their stars or belts will need to purchase replacements.
When students enroll at the Academy they are given a White Belt (girls) or White Wrist Bands (boys), complete information on the Star Award Program and the White SkillBook. Included is a list of the Star Skills.
The skills at each level encompass a large range of difficulty. Most of the skills are lead-ups or progressions for the more difficult skills. This means that some of the easier skills must be learned before the harder skills can be learned.
ONCE A GYMNAST HAS 16 OR MORE STARS HE/SHE IS ELIGIBLE FOR EVALUATION. (You can change the number need to advance.
Advancement - If a gymnast tests successfully, he/she will also be given the New Belt or Wrist Bands for the next level. The gymnast may begin working toward the Star Skills for the next level.
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