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Stars & Belts

The Ultimate Reward & Incentive

Try-It Kit

The Best Way to Test the Program
Test the Incentive/Reward program on one of your classes for a month
$ 30.00
Select one of your typical beginner classes.
Enter the students into the computer program.
Look over the beginner Star Skills and make changes.
Print a Star Roll Sheet for that class.
Prepare a handout for the parents.
Conduct a coaches meeting to explain the program. (The coaches could also help with skill selection.)
Normal price if purchased separately is $382.50
  Stars & Belts
  Ultimate Reward
  Here is a Typical Day  
Before Class Print a Star Roll Sheet for that class.
During Class Handout the information to the parents as they arrive.
  Make belts and hand them out during the warm-up.
  Let your coach teach this class using the beginner skills.
  The coach will "check off" the earned star skills.
  Award the earned Stars and send them home.
  Wait for next week and then do it again.
The Kit Includes:        
White Elastic Belt Material - 11 yards of White elastic belting to make belts to be warn around the students waist. White is the color for the beginner level. Depending on the size of the girls' waists, this should be enough for 11-20 students. (Specify if you would like red belting for an Intermediate class.)
Blue Embroidered Stars - 1 package of 100 embroidered Blue Stars. Stars are awarded for learning new Star Skills. The students (parents) will sew the stars on their belts. blue and red stars are usually handed out on white belts, because they show up well.
Rivets - Also included are 20 pairs of small rivets used to make the belts. You will need a small hammer and a hard flat surface (like a small piece of metal). You will also need a "hole punch" to punch the holes in the belt material. Instructions for making the belts will be included in the kit.
The materials should last you about a month, depending on the size of the students and how fast they earn stars. This should give you plenty of time to assess the value of the program and order more supplies.
The 'Try-It-Kit' should be used with the Star Program (computer program)
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