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Tots Lesson Plans

26 Full Sets of Lesson Plans & Themes
ORGANIZE YOUR PRESCHOOL PROGRAM - The CD contains organizational information for preschool or gym directors to use to help streamline their programs.
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The Multimedia CD contains Tots Organizational Information as well as the 26 lesson plan sections.
COVER PAGE The name of the Theme (You add your Gym Name & Logo)
LESSON PLANS The main lesson plan is shown as a 2 page graphic drawing showing the layout of the equipment and the skills to be taught at each station. Arrows will show the direction the children will flow. There are usually 3 or 4 different circuits shown on each plan including the warm-up. The music is also listed. A 3rd page is also included that is a “condensed” version of the same drawing that is designed to be used in a bus or mobile program where you do not have much space.
PARENT HANDOUT This handout is designed to give the parents a description of the lesson, the values, some nutrition tips, and some homework for the children.
COLORING PAGES 2 to 6 pages that the child will take home to color. The picture will be of the "word of the week" or some important part of the lesson plan. You can choose one or use them all.
TEACHER NOTES A page that is set up for you to add notes designed to help your teachers teach the lesson plan.
Many of the lesson plan sets will also contain: "NOTE" pages that will contain teaching ideas to assist your teachers. "Sample Page" from the recommended book that follows the theme.
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